The May Designs team came to Dolphin Micro with a challenge: upgrade the company’s existing ecommerce system to enable large numbers of online shoppers to design, order and produce their own customizable stationery in real time. 


  • May Designs' end-to-end ecommerce system makes it easy
    and affordable to produce, fulfill and track a high volume
    of customized stationery orders.

  • Custom "Build a Book" system lets shoppers design their own
    custom notebooks and preview them in real time. A fully integrated
    back-end system makes production and order fulfillment a breeze.


Dolphin Micro’s development team went to work on a completely custom web-to-print system that would integrate with the production facility’s digital printing system, making it faster, easier and more affordable to produce customized products on demand. The website itself would be upgraded to include a Django-based content management system (CMS) and an enhanced product customization experience for shoppers.

Built using Python and JavaScript, the completed system allows shoppers to design their own notebooks (May Books) by choosing a pattern, background shape, typographic style, monogram color, interior page style and text. A real-time product preview tool shows shoppers exactly what to expect when their May Books arrive.

When a customer places an order, the system generates a print-ready PDF that is sent directly to the company’s digital printing system, which creates the product with no need for manual intervention. The site’s new CMS makes it quick and easy for the May Designs team to manage site content as well as products, pricing and customization options.

Since the web-to-print system’s rollout, Dolphin Micro has worked with May Designs to implement a host of sophisticated new features to support new customizable product lines. Shoppers are now able to design, order and produce their own custom stationery, and a new line of cards can be customized with uploaded photos and much more. Dolphin Micro has also built a gift card system that includes a back-end account ledger to track customers’ card balances and automatically apply them to new orders.

The customer-facing system has been rebuilt using Angular and Bootstrap. Other features include in-depth business analytics tools and a suite of custom software that enables the production of fully custom May Books for bulk orders. Over the course of its relationship with Dolphin Micro, May Designs products have been featured on Good Morning America a number of times, and our team’s work has enabled the system to support traffic spikes up to 2000%.