AT&T needed a presentation tool with punch, and Dolphin Micro was up to the task. Using the Cocos2D game engine, Dolphin Micro created a sleek, interactive iPad app that enables salespeople from AT&T's Adworks group to build custom presentations on the fly.


  • Featuring animated sphere-shaped menus,
    particle effects and a cutting-edge design,
    AT&T's custom sales app keeps the home office
    connected with salespeople in the field.

  • Salespeople can deliver an engaging presentation
    from the iPad either face-to-face or via a projector.

  • Case studies at every salesperson's fingertips

  • Keeping all the info current is as easy as pushing a button.

  • Salespeople can even build custom presentations on the fly,
    based on what the prospect is interested in.


The visually stunning app features animated sphere-shaped menus, particle effects, and a cutting-edge design. It places an extensive library of case studies at each salesperson's fingertips, and makes it easy to locate and integrate the most relevant examples into each presentation. Thanks to a custom web-based content management system, administrators can quickly and efficiently manage video and other presentation content, and salespeople can access up-to-the-minute info with just one tap. Once presentations are ready, salespeople can deliver them using the iPad alone or with a projector.