In 2010, WIRED Magazine needed to overhaul its web store: it was built in Flash and, as a result, customers were unable to access the site from many mobile devices.


  •'s new HTML-based home page

  • Real-time heat map in action, showing the "most popular" category

  • Wish list: multiple list option

  • Wish list: one list option


Dolphin Micro worked closely with Conde Nast Studio's designers to rebuild the site entirely in HTML. Dolphin Micro added a multitude of features, including a completely customizable CMS and a heat map that shows the most-searched-for items and top sellers. The heat map calculates hits, searches and purchases in real time, allowing for dynamic marketing and feature opportunities for sellers. The now mobile-friendly site is dynamic, easy for customers to navigate, easy to administer and highly effective. Dolphin Micro has been asked back every year since to re-skin, add features and fine-tune the details. The site now has multiple wish list options, social media linking, mapping and customized sales tracking tools, and even prints the signage for WIRED's physical store.