Brainscape's founder came to Dolphin Micro with a great idea and a mostly-working prototype, built in India.


  • Brainscape's proprietary learning system helps students study
    more efficiently, teachers improve their students' study habits
    and track progress, and knowledge junkies expand their brains.

  • Brainscape serves over 6.8 million teachers, students and lifelong learners.

  • Brainscape's suite of mobile apps makes it easy to access personalized content from anywhere.
    Users' data is stored in the cloud, and progress is synced across all their devices.


We helped re-engineer their content creator, pivoted with them when they changed from a web-based to a mobile-based strategy, and developed their full line of over 40 mobile apps. Brainscape is now a highly successful company with a rapidly expanding user base. We've grown alongside the Brainscape team and still enjoy helping them scale their platform and continuously add new features.