New York-based startup and winner of the 2012 MIT Clean Energy Prize, Radiator Labs, came to Dolphin Micro looking to build a prototype cross-platform mobile app that would give residents the ability to control their radiators remotely. Radiator Labs’ physical product, the COZY, is a WiFi-enabled radiator cover that, when installed throughout a building, allows residents to better regulate the temperature in each room while saving money, energy and increasing boiler efficiency. The app would allow residents to easily control their apartment temperature using their smartphones.


  • The new COZY app allows residents to use their smartphones
    to set an ideal temperature for their apartments.

  • The app shows current temperature, ideal temperature and heating status.


The cross-platform prototype was built using Ionic, an open-source platform for developing hybrid mobile apps. A user logs in and enters their radiator cover’s ID number, and the app communicates with both the cover and the building’s central heat regulation system. The app gives a reading of what the actual temperature is, and the user can set an ideal temperature for his or her space. Using Ionic enabled the Dolphin Micro team to cost-effectively deliver both an iOS and Android build, as well as a desktop version of the app.