A former EMS dispatcher for the city of Houston, Emware founder Skylar King came to Dolphin Micro with an innovative idea: create a cost-effective computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) for use by small ambulance companies. Because the software used in large cities is so costly, small companies typically rely on spreadsheets or pen and paper for scheduling, tracking and reporting.

Emware’s CAD system would need to be:

  • HIPAA-compliant.
  • Easy for multiple dispatchers to use concurrently.
  • Able to provide dispatchers with real-time unit status and location data.
  • Capable of handling both emergency and scheduled calls.
  • Able to allow companies to view statistics on incident response, compliance and other performance indicators. 


  • The Emware CAD gives dispatchers real-time information
    on ambulance locations and statuses.

  • Robust reporting and analytics capabilities make it easy
    to monitor incident response times, view detailed breakdowns
    of incident types and much more.

  • Dispatchers can easily input and monitor
    both emergency and scheduled calls.

  • Units receive text messages when they're dispatched.


Using Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, real-time updating and a Google maps integration, the Dolphin Micro team built Emware’s emergency software suite from the ground up.

The HIPAA-compliant CAD as launched includes a continuously updated dashboard to ensure that dispatchers are working from up-to-the-minute data. Units and calls are displayed on a map, so dispatchers always know which units are available and where they are. Dispatching units and scheduling calls is quick and easy, and units receive text messages with call details when they’re dispatched.

The system also includes robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing companies to monitor incident response times, view detailed breakdowns of incident types and more. Reports are easily filtered and displayed as easy-to-read graphs, and may be exported as .pdf or .csv files.