Innovative home decor company DENY Designs came to Dolphin Micro with a challenge: streamline the company’s workflow in order to accommodate rapid growth without adding overhead. The company’s complex business model involves an extensive line of household accessories, each of which can be customized with personal images or art from the DENY gallery.

DENY sells its products through its own website as well as other retailers. Furthermore, the company works with a group of 150+ artists, each of whom receives a portion of every sale of a product that utilizes his or her artwork. As DENY grew, the team found that they were spending large amounts of time on the phone with vendors, customers and artists; and manual processes and duplicate data entry were creating bottlenecks.


  • The DENY team can easily manage artwork from 150+ artists
    and an ever-growing catalog of customizable
    products—8,000 available designs and counting!

  • A few of DENY's customizable wall clocks

  • Pillows customized with art from DENY's gallery

  • Custom-printed coasters


Leveraging its Ruby on Rails expertise, the Dolphin Micro team went to work on a completely custom order management system, which acts as a central hub. The hub gathers orders from as well as other retail sites, adds the order information into DENY’s systems, then distributes that information to the appropriate outlets.

Since completing the original project, Dolphin Micro has added a number of features that have made it far easier for the DENY team to manage its ever-growing catalog of products and artwork. For example, DENY’s artists now have much greater visibility when it comes to their artwork and orders.

By automating manual processes and eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, Dolphin Micro’s custom system has enabled DENY to handle a dramatic increase in orders without significantly increasing its workforce.