Blue Engine Marketing was partnering with Purity Vodka to hold a contest to find a photo that perfectly expressed love. Contest entrants would be asked to select their favorite from among a collection of photos, then submit their selection to be entered to win a LAZARE diamond worth $15,000. Blue Engine tasked Dolphin Micro with creating the voting page and sweepstakes system according to the following requirements: Only users 21 years of age or older would have access to the sweepstakes system. Any user would be able to submit a sweepstakes entry (only once per day), read the contest rules and view the thank you page. A user would be able to vote on his or her favorite finalist from a list of 10, and submit this selection along with the sweepstakes entry. Before the contest started, users would see a “coming soon” page and have access to the official contest rules. When the contest was over, users would see a “this contest is over” page. After the contest, Dolphin Micro would provide all sweepstakes entries and vote tallies to Blue Engine via a .csv file.



The Dolphin Micro team used Ruby on Rails to build the system’s back end – a database to tally votes and collect entrants’ data so that this information could be provided to the client at the end of the contest. Because the project was to be hosted on Facebook, Dolphin Micro changed the page header and created a custom tab on the client’s Facebook page. Users had to click “like” in order to enter the contest. Dolphin Micro built a “coming soon” page for use until the contest launched, a “thank you” page for contest entrants, and a “contest is over” page for use after the contest had concluded. Once the photos had been selected, the front-end voting system was created. For the duration of the contest, the Rails-based database collected entrants’ selections and contact information; and at the end of the contest, Dolphin Micro provided this information to the client for winner fulfillment.